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ActiveLambda empowers your team to have access to aggregated data from multiple providers, with custom permissions and no coding knowledge required.

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How ActiveLambda Works

Low-code to No-code depending on what you need

Connect Strip

1. Connect Your Data Providers

•   Built-in support for Databases, Business Apps, Payment Processors and more.

•   We never store your data on our servers.

•   You can use it on cloud or on your premises.

•   Your credentials are double encrypted and stored in a secured database.

2. We Scaffold Your Internal Application

•   ActiveLambda automatically generates CRUD database actions.

•   Create custom no-code views for your internal application logic.

•   Advanced views combine data from multiple Data Providers.

•   Authenticate your team and set up custom roles and granular permissions.

•   Give your team access to the data they need to do their jobs faster and easier.

Connect Strip
SQL Custom Code

3. Run Code without Thinking about Servers

•   Run database queries in PostgreSQL, MySQL, mongoDB and DynamoDB.

•   Native support for Java, Go, PowerShell, Node.js, C#, Python, and Ruby code.

•   Advanced data filtering and processing.

•   Connect to any custom API and make async request to any webpage.

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ActiveLambda is ready to power your next internal app

Free your engineers from easy and repetitive tasks that anyone can do.


Plug and Play

Fits naturally to your existing development stack and backend technologies.

No Code

No Code

The companies that use it reduced the development time at least 5x.

Top Class Security


ActiveLambda provides built-in security and is ready to scale.

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