ActiveLambda Documentation

What is ActiveLambda

ActiveLambda is a better way to build internal apps for your team without wasting your engineers' precious time. It enables you and your team to have access to data by creating an application in a secure and reliable app that you can create in a matter of minutes.

How it Works?

You can start in just a few minutes and there is no learning curve. ActiveLambda connects your data with a beautiful interface in a highly secure app that comes with ready to use authentication. Below is an overview of how it works.

  1. Add a data provider to your app, such as PogreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL and others. We have integrations with databases, business applications, customer support apps and payment providers.
  2. ActiveLambda generates automatically the CRUD views for your application. That helps you to manage data right away.
  3. Set what your team has access to.
  4. Add advanced logic, like serverless functions, SQL custom code or custom views.
  5. Save and publish on the cloud or deploy on your premises.

Getting Started

Here are the top resources to get you started.

  1. Create an account
  2. Connect a new Data Provider
  3. Create a custom view by setting a filter
  4. Invite team members and set up roles
  5. Run custom SQL code
  6. Add a custom serverless function

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